Joe Vitale uncovers the Missing Secret

Do you know The MISSING Secret?

After watching these amazing videos with Dr. Joe Vitale, you WILL!

The Missing Secret

When Dr. Joe Vitale wrote a short article about The Missing Secret, it spread like wildfire around the Internet to over 5 million people in a few weeks. Since then, many people have been anticipating learning more about "The MISSING Secret!"

There has been SO much anticipation, in fact, his new book Zero Limits (due out in June 2007) became a bestseller 6 months before it was available in print.

Joe was asked to speak about this Missing Secret, but he only did so for two special audiences. These two presentations explain The Missing Secret, how Joe found the Missing Secret, how it can transform your life and the world. These videos are the perfect primer for the new world changing book Zero Limits.

Because Joe was so inspired to speak before these two audiences, he ensured they were filmed on video. Now, Joe wants to share this information with you!

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You'll hear answers to questions such as:

  • Will this work with addictions?
  • What are Joe's own personal practices & meditations?
  • Do you watch TV, read newspapers or magazines?
  • What one or two things could you tell us about marketing? (Joe provided practical advice worth more than the cost of this video!)
  • Is there a time that you feel complete? Do you ever stop?
  • When using The Missing Secret, does the person you want to heal have to be in your consciousness?
  • Do you have any ideas about teaching this to children?
  • How do you reconcile using The Missing Secret and the Law of Attraction?
  • Is there hope for this going into government?
  • Could the sequel to The Secret have The Missing Secret in it?
  • Do we need to change others?

...and many more challenging questions that Joe answers with depth.

Other Videos By Dr. Joe Vitale: The Subliminal Manifestation Series

Forgiveness and Love

Vol. 1: Forgiveness & Love

  • Three videos of varying length that remove Negative Emotional Vibrations
  • Videos utilize Ericksonian Hypnosis, Ho'oponopono, and subliminals
  • Increase relaxation and supercharge your manifestation work
  • Introduction that explains the process

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  Increase Sales

Vol. 2: Increase Sales

  • Thirty-three percent longer than volume one
  • More digital effects increase the effectiveness of the subliminal process
  • Supercharge your sales efforts and grow your business
  • Introduction that explains the process

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Install The Secret DVD  

Install and Transcend The Secret

In this special new DVD by Joe Vitale, you'll spend an hour and twenty minutes with Joe Vitale and learn more details about how to manifest the life of your dreams. An additional state of the art, advanced 20 minute hypnotic subliminal video will allow you to install these concepts and supercharge your manifestation efforts. Learn more...

Janet AttwoodJoe Vitale rocked it! When I heard him speak I could feel that he was coming straight from the heart. I loved watching how the crowd was transformed through his every word!

Janet Attwood, Author #1 Bestseller, "The Passion Test-the Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny"

Victoria Schaefer Dr Joe Vitale's The Missing Secret allows me to finally fit life's puzzle pieces together. The Law of Attraction always made sense to me yet there was a link missing that, I think, many other people also felt. Joe has plainly explained the techniques to clear one's self to allow your unconscious mind to converse with your consciousness. Truly extraordinary.

Victoria Schaefer
Publisher, Pedal Ranch Publications

I've seen Joe Vitale speak dozens of times, and he's always inspirational and entertaining. Whether he's speaking to an intimate group or a crowd of thousands, he connects with people at the deepest level, emotionally and intellectually. I've seen this connection literally change lives, including mine. These videos capture that skill and magic, along with Joe's timely message.

Pat O'Bryan
Your Portable Empire University

Dharma GaynesIn my opinion, Joe Vitale is doing 'the work.' Even in a short talk with an over stuffed, standing in the hall room only, room, he got to the heart of the matter and delivered a talk filled with inspiration and tangible guidance working with beliefs. Many could have, and some would have, gone for the flash and glitter. Joe, in my opinion, went for the trenches and helped lots of people in that room to have a next workable step. Joe, I really like your willingness to be human, and an icon. Thank you!

Dharma Gaynes

I have seen Joe speak live many times, but I have never seen him speak like this before. I was at both speeches, and I was moved both times by how he spoke so powerfully and differently at each event. It was like something big was speaking through him, directly to me and all in the audience.

If you like Joe and what he says, you must watch these videos!

Mark J. Ryan

The movie The Secret gave me a great overview of how to transform my life by changing my thoughts and beliefs. What Joe provides in these videos is even more powerful. After watching them, I have new tools to go to the next level. Joe, you really have discovered The Missing Secret to creating the life of my dreams. Thank you!

Kathy Zant

As Mr. Fire's bodyguard – I get to hear and see (and even taste*) everything from what you in the audience see "on stage" to the exhausted man at the end of the day being whisked away to some quiet place to refuel for the next event. I've participated in and developed seminars for more than 23 years now. What I love about Joe Vitale is that he’s the same on-stage and off: warm, curious, thoughtful. He's ready to help and support the people around him. Joe has opened doors for me that I never thought I'd walk through. Thanks Joe – you are truly a living inspiration in my life now. What stuck in my mind at the talk that Dr. Vitale did during the World Wellness Weekend was – no matter how powerful your intentions are – they are neutralized by unconscious counter intentions. Learning to bring those to the conscious realm in my own life has made a tremendous difference. (*He takes us only to the finest restaurants after events.)

Bruce Burns
The Negotiator

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